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The disktype File System Sampler

The disktype File System Sampler is a collection of disk images with various file systems. Its purpose is to aid in the testing and development of the disktype program.

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At this time, the images are only available from CVS:

About the Images

Most images are exactly 8 MB in size and contain empty file systems. This allows them to be compressed for storage. The file template.image contains 8 MB of zeroes for easy setup of new images.

Read-only file systems use a collection of test files, contained in template-data.tar.gz. The collection currently includes a large text file and a hierarchy of several small files. The large text is a piece of classic German literature (downloaded from Project Gutenberg). The small files tree is the arch/alpha/boot tree of Linux 2.4.20.

A detailed list of images can be found in the README file.